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kotobuki tsumugi


琴吹 紬 (ことぶき つむぎ)

A main character of K-On! with funny eyebrows.

The Light Music Club's blond keyboardist, playing a 76-key Korg Triton Extreme. Sweet, gentle and hailing from a wealthy family, Tsumugi also brings tea and confectioneries to her bandmates, but also has a strange tendency to be excited at the sight of two girls in intimate interaction.

She is often referred to as simply "Mugi" by her classmates.


Birthday: 2 July 1991
Horoscope: Cancer
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 53 Kg
BMI: 21.50
Blood type: O
Image colour: Purple (original), Pink (anime)
CV: Kotobuki Minako

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