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  • androgynous brown_hair commentary_request dog frisk_(undertale) koto_inari lesser_dog letterboxed shirt short_hair snow striped striped_shirt tail_wagging undertale
    1other 2boys :d ^_^ annoying_dog blush brown_hair caramell0501 closed_eyes coat facing_viewer frisk_(undertale) gloves highres hot_dog looking_at_viewer multiple_boys open_mouth pants papyrus_(undertale) sans scarf shirt skeleton smile teeth track_pants undertale
    1boy 1other bendy bendy_and_the_ink_machine blush caramell0501 closed_eyes crossover frisk_(undertale) hug shirt short_hair smile striped striped_shirt undertale
    1other 2boys androgynous bow charro coco_(disney) cosplay crossover disney ernesto_de_la_cruz ernesto_de_la_cruz_(cosplay) facial_hair frisk_(undertale) hat hector_rivera hector_rivera_(cosplay) highres hood jacket miguel_rivera miguel_rivera_(cosplay) multiple_boys mustache papyrus_(undertale) sans skeleton skull smile sombrero straw_hat trait_connection undertale yellow_skin
    1girl 2others 3boys alphys asgore_dreemurr black_background blurry brown_hair chara_(undertale) closed_mouth commentary depth_of_field english evil_grin evil_smile flower frisk_(undertale) grin head_tilt heart heart_necklace highres holding holding_knife knife long_sleeves missing_eye multiple_boys multiple_others papyrus_(undertale) petals profile red_eyes sans smile striped striped_sweater sweater undertale uta_(xuyansong1996)
    1boy androgynous angry black_hair black_pants blood blood_on_face blue_shirt bone character_request commentary dark_persona floor frisk_(undertale) highres holding holding_knife knife open_mouth pants red_eyes sans shadow shirt shoes short_hair sneakers undertale user_fmwk3744
    /\/\/\ 2boys asriel_dreemurr blush brown_hair child claws covering_another's_eyes fangs frisk_(undertale) furry heart male_focus multiple_boys muraachi one_eye_closed open_mouth parted_lips shirt spoilers striped striped_shirt sweatdrop translation_request undertale white_hair
    1boy 1other blood brown_footwear brown_hair chara_(undertale) closed_mouth commentary crossover english_commentary frisk_(undertale) gastly gen_1_pokemon gengar green_sweater holding holding_knife knife long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mega_gengar mega_pokemon pokemon red_eyes sa-dui shoes signature sitting smile sweater third_eye tongue tongue_out undertale
    1boy alphys amazon_(company) aori_(splatoon) arm_up artist_self-insert bags_under_eyes bangs black_pants black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hoodie blurry bobobo-bo_bo-bobo bobobo-bo_bo-bobo_(character) bowl box brown_hair cable cardboard_box chair chopsticks commentary depth_of_field directional_arrow doubutsu_no_mori eating ema fate/grand_order fate_(series) frisk_(undertale) fujikido_kenji gloves glowing glowing_eyes grey_legwear hair_between_eyes heart highres hime_(splatoon) holding holding_bowl holding_chopsticks hood hood_down hoodie iida_(splatoon) indoors jajji-kun_(splatoon) james_moriarty_(fate/grand_order) kashu_(hizake) kirby kirby_(series) kojajji-kun_(splatoon) leg_up link logo long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mettaton_ex modem monitor monster_hunter monster_hunter:_world muffet ninja_slayer office_chair original pants paper papyrus_(undertale) partly_fingerless_gloves peter_(doubutsu_no_mori) pushpin sanpaku sans screen_light shirt shizue_(doubutsu_no_mori) sitting smiley_face socks solo splatoon splatoon_2 t-shirt the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_breath_of_the_wild thumbtack toriel twitter twitter_username undertale undyne unzipped zipper
    =_= androgynous blush box cardboard_box frisk_(undertale) heart molten_rock monster sasa_kichi simple_background translated trembling undertale vulkin white_background yellow_skin
    1boy 1other =_= androgynous box brown_hair cardboard_box cosplay frisk_(undertale) full_body mettaton mettaton_(cosplay) microphone robot sasa_kichi simple_background standing undertale white_background yellow_skin
    1other =_= androgynous beanie frisk_(undertale) full_body hat mittens papyrus_(undertale) pom_pom_(clothes) sasa_kichi scarf snowman standing striped striped_sweater sweater undertale white_background
    ;d absurdres alphys androgynous animal_ears anniversary annoying_dog armor asgore_dreemurr bird_that_carries_you_over_a_disproportionately_small_gap black_hair black_sclera blonde_hair blue_skin bratty_(undertale) brown_hair burgerpants catty_(undertale) closed_eyes commentary_request crown dogamy dogaressa doggo everyone eyepatch fang final_froggit flower flowey_(undertale) frisk_(undertale) froggit glasses gloves goat_ears grin head_fins highres horns houten_(dre_a_mer) long_sleeves mettaton moldsmal monster_boy monster_girl monster_kid_(undertale) muffet multiple_boys multiple_girls napstablook nice_cream_guy omega_flowey one_eye_closed open_mouth papyrus_(undertale) polearm ponytail purple_skin red_hair royal_guard_01_(undertale) royal_guard_02_(undertale) sans scarf sharp_teeth shirt short_hair shorts shyren skeleton slippers smile snowman striped striped_shirt teeth temmie toriel undertale undyne vegetoid weapon whimsalot whimsun yellow_sclera yellow_skin
    1other androgynous bangs bare_legs bare_shoulders barefoot bed_sheet blue_jacket blush brown_hair closed_eyes convenient_leg eyebrows_visible_through_hair feet frisk_(undertale) full_body hand_on_own_knee hand_up hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket legs long_sleeves off_shoulder rikuo_(whace) short_hair signature simple_background sitting soles solo undertale white_background
    ... 1girl 1other 2boys androgynous braid brown_hair chibi circle commentary_request crossover end_roll frisk_(undertale) jewelry long_hair long_sleeves madotsuki multiple_boys multiple_crossover odd_one_out off pink_shirt ring russell_(end_roll) shirt short_hair spoken_ellipsis suyazzz_(soyoyon) sweater the_batter twin_braids twintails undertale yume_nikki
    androgynous brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair chara_(undertale) closed_eyes different_reflection frisk_(undertale) houten_(dre_a_mer) lying monster_kid_(undertale) on_back pointing puddle rain reflection ripples shirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile striped striped_shirt teeth umbrella undertale
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