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  • 2girls alphonse_(white_datura) bangs bicycle black_footwear black_hairband blue_bow blue_footwear blue_legwear blue_shirt blue_skirt bow brown_eyes brown_hair cage clock closed_mouth day dress frilled_dress frilled_skirt frills garden ground_vehicle hair_bow hairband highres kneehighs loafers mary_janes multiple_girls original outdoors pantyhose polka_dot polka_dot_legwear profile puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves roman_numerals shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves skirt smile standing thighhighs tree twintails watch watering_can whispering white_legwear white_shirt
    1boy 5girls :d alphonse_(white_datura) bangs blue_dress blue_shirt blue_skirt bow braid brown_dress brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair closed_eyes collared_dress collared_shirt dress facial_hair fish glasses green_dress grey_hair grin hair_bow hair_ribbon hairband hat highres holding lamp light_bulb long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another market multiple_girls mustache old_man open_mouth original pleated_skirt puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red-framed_eyewear red_bow red_shirt ribbon sailor_dress school_uniform serafuku shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt smile socks squatting straw_hat sun_hat twin_braids twintails upper_teeth white_dress white_hairband white_legwear white_ribbon
    1girl alphonse_(white_datura) bangs barefoot blue_jacket blue_shorts blue_sky boat bracelet brown_hair camera closed_eyes closed_mouth cloud crossed_ankles day glasses hair_ribbon head_tilt highres holding holding_camera jacket jewelry light_smile long_hair long_sleeves navel open_clothes open_jacket original outdoors red-framed_eyewear ribbon rope sailboat short_shorts shorts sitting sky smile solo striped toenails watercraft
    2girls alphonse_(white_datura) ass beach black_hair blue_sky braid car cloud day facing_away flip-flops green_footwear ground_vehicle highres holding innertube long_hair low_twintails motor_vehicle multiple_girls nude original outdoors sandals short_hair skinny_dipping sky surfboard twin_braids twintails volkswagen walking water wind_turbine windmill
    2girls alphonse_(white_datura) bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair braid brown_eyes brown_hair car criss-cross_halter dress feet frilled_dress frills glasses ground_vehicle halterneck hat high_heels highres landscape long_hair motor_vehicle mountain multiple_girls on_vehicle open_toe_shoes original purple_dress reading red-framed_eyewear road_sign route_66 sandals shoes sign sitting sky sleeveless sleeveless_dress standing suitcase twin_braids volkswagen_beetle white_footwear
    4girls :d ^_^ alphonse_(white_datura) bangs bare_shoulders barefoot beach bird black_hair blue_skirt blue_sky brown_hair closed_eyes cloud comic day dress english flat_chest hair_ribbon hairband highres long_hair multiple_girls ocean open_mouth original outdoors puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon running scrunchie seagull short_hair short_sleeves skirt sky sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile standing standing_on_one_leg sundress wallpaper water waves wet white_dress white_scrunchie wrist_scrunchie
    1girl alphonse_(white_datura) balloon bangs blue_sky blunt_bangs bow bracelet brown_eyes brown_hair covered_mouth day dress flower hair_bow head_tilt highres holding holding_flower jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer original outdoors red_bow red_scrunchie ribbon scrunchie see-through short_sleeves sky solo standing sunflower twintails water white_dress wrist_scrunchie yellow_flower
    1girl alphonse_(white_datura) bangs basket bicycle bicycle_basket bikini_top blue_eyes blue_shorts blue_sky brown_hair closed_mouth day fence flat_chest flip-flops flower flower_basket glasses ground_vehicle hat highres long_hair looking_at_viewer orange_flower original outdoors purple_flower red-framed_eyewear red_flower sandals short_shorts shorts sky smile solo striped striped_bikini_top swimsuit white_footwear yellow_flower
    2boys 4girls alphonse_(white_datura) bangs barefoot bikini black_hair blue_shirt blue_sky boat bottle braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair casual_one-piece_swimsuit cloud day diving eyewear_on_head flat_chest frilled_bikini frills highres jumping landscape lifebuoy long_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls ocean one-piece_swimsuit orange_pants original outdoors pants pier pink_bikini purple_bikini purple_swimsuit shirt short_hair short_sleeves sitting sky small_breasts standing sunglasses suspenders swimsuit twin_braids twintails water_bottle watercraft white_bikini wide_shot
    1boy 5girls alphonse_(white_datura) animal_ears animal_hood apron armor beer_mug blonde_hair blue_hair braid brown_eyes brown_hair bunny_ears city cloak closed_eyes fingerless_gloves food frilled_apron frills gloves hat highres hood looking_at_viewer multiple_girls open_mouth outdoors rebellious_millon_arthur short_hair silver_hair sitting smile standing uniform waitress walking weapon
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