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  • 1girl bikini black_hair breasts candy demon_girl food highres horns lollipop long_hair medium_breasts micro_bikini mudou_eichi oni original pointy_ears red_oni shirt skirt slit_pupils solo swimsuit tail tied_shirt yellow_eyes
    1girl arms_behind_head breasts crop_top glasses huge_breasts impossible_clothes impossible_shirt looking_at_viewer midriff oni open_mouth original pink-framed_eyewear pink_eyes red_oni red_skin san_mamiya semi-rimless_eyewear shirt short_hair sidelocks solo striped toned under-rim_eyewear vertical_stripes white_hair
    1girl agawa_ryou ahoge artist_name big_belly black_hair blue_eyes borrowed_character breasts commentary_request from_below high_ponytail horn huge_breasts jacket lips long_hair looking_at_viewer navel oni open_mouth original plump red_oni shirt_lift track_jacket track_suit
    1girl abs bared_teeth black_sclera blonde_hair commentary highres horn hoshiguma_yuugi long_hair muscle nameo_(judgemasterkou) oni parody pectorals red_eyes red_oni red_skin solo toguro_otouto touhou tusks yuu_yuu_hakusho
    1girl alternate_costume colored highres ibuki_suika japanese_clothes katana kimono light_brown_hair long_hair monster nail oni potato_pot red_oni ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim shuten_douji_(mythology) sword touhou tsuruoka_masayoshi_to_junjou_romantica_2 weapon
    1girl absurdres blush breasts cover cover_page fundoshi fundoshi_pull highres horns japanese_clothes large_breasts looking_at_viewer nipples obi obmas_(pfeito) oni oni_horns open_mouth original partially_visible_vulva pointy_ears ponytail pubic_hair pussy_juice red_oni sash solo spread_legs text_focus uncensored wedgie wet wet_clothes wet_fundoshi
    2girls bakkanki bikini blue_eyes blue_hair blue_oni blush breast_press breasts chain cleavage collar crying crying_with_eyes_open dark_skin fangs finger_in_another's_mouth horn horns huge_breasts linked_collar long_hair multiple_girls oni original pink_hair pointy_ears red_eyes red_oni short_hair sideboob slave swimsuit symmetrical_docking tears wrist_grab
    2girls armor bare_shoulders black_nails black_sclera blue_oni blue_skin gate giantess grey_hair highres horns japanese_armor katana long_hair midriff multiple_girls nail_polish nanbo_ataru_(attall) navel night night_sky oni original red_oni red_skin short_hair sky sword weapon wolf
    1girl areola_slip areolae bandages black_hair blush borrowed_character breast_squeeze breasts cleavage cleavage_reach commentary_request demon_girl ear_piercing forehead_jewel full-face_blush hornpot horns large_breasts long_hair o-ring o-ring_top oni oni_horns original piercing pointer pointy_ears pov red_oni red_skin sharp_teeth slit_pupils solo teeth tsukudani_(coke-buta)
    2girls animal_print barefoot bikini blue_oni blue_skin club demon_girl demon_tail fang full_body gloves highres horns mofuaki multiple_girls navel oni open_mouth original print_bikini print_gloves red_oni red_skin side-tie_bikini simple_background spiked_club swimsuit symmetry tail tiger_print weapon white_background wings
    1girl bandages bare_shoulders bikini borrowed_character bracelet breasts character_name cleavage commentary_request covered_nipples cropped_legs forehead_jewel hornpot horns jewelry large_breasts oni original pointy_ears red_oni solo spiked_bracelet spikes swimsuit tsukudani_(coke-buta) underboob
    1girl black_legwear blue_oni brown_eyes brown_hair flat_chest highres itomugi-kun japanese_clothes kantai_collection kariginu long_hair magatama mask oni red_oni ryuujou_(kantai_collection) scroll shikigami skirt smile socks solo twintails upside-down visor_cap
    1girl blush breasts fundoshi fundoshi_pull horns japanese_clothes jpeg_artifacts large_breasts looking_at_viewer nipples obi obmas_(pfeito) oni open_mouth original partially_visible_vulva pointy_ears ponytail pubic_hair pussy_juice red_oni sash solo spread_legs textless uncensored wedgie wet wet_clothes wet_fundoshi
    1boy barefoot black_hair blockun bulge club fangs highres horn loincloth male_focus md5_mismatch oni original pointy_ears red_eyes red_oni red_skin solo spiked_club weapon youkai
    2boys absurdres animal_print barefoot black_hair blockun blue_eyes blue_oni blue_skin feet full_body fundoshi gourd highres horn japanese_clothes male_focus md5_mismatch multiple_boys oni open_mouth original pointy_ears red_eyes red_oni red_skin simple_background tiger_print translation_request underwear weapon white_background white_hair youkai
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