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fate testarossa (lyrical nanoha, mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, and mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha the movie 1st) drawn by okuda yasuhiro
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    Eh, could be worse...

    Imagine if it was loli-Arf.

    Lord Enki

    Nothing wrong with small breasts, boys~


    Fate looks great in a two-piece. <3


    Don't be talking bad about Fate. She's the one and only lightning goddess.


    RisingDragon said:
    Such an outfit would be a lot more titillating if, y'know, she had actual tits when she wore it.

    *points and laughs* HA HA HAAA!! He likes tits.

    No, seriously, this pic is great. Fate is cute with or without breasts. Then again, I don't like her for the same reasons as other people...-cough-


    RisingDragon said:
    As true as that is, there's a, admittedly small, difference between small breasts and no breasts.

    Oh don't worry, Fate fills out really, really well in the next few years just you wait