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garland, kuja, and zidane tribal (final fantasy, final fantasy ix, and panty & stocking with garterbelt) drawn by migihidari morimori
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    *sigh* I really wish Kuja genderswapped was canon (goddamn navel....)


    spazfire777 said:
    *sigh* I really wish Kuja genderswapped was canon (goddamn navel....)

    What genderswap?


    SkyDragongirl said:
    I heard he actually is female in the original japanese version, but the source could be wrong...

    Dunno where you got that from, but it's completely wrong.
    He even uses "boku".


    The best explanation I've heard is that he dresses like that (and gets hair and nails done like that, and makeup like that...) as a form of subtle teenager-style rebellion against Garland.

    Which fits, given that his entire character arc, and thus the plot of the game, can be summed up as "weapon of mass destruction tykebomb goes through his teen rebelliousness phase".