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    MD Anonymous

    thats not a gundam, thats a transformer

    MD Anonymous

    Whoever did this is a genius.

    MD Anonymous

    Fucking genius! xD

    Fixed the tags.

    MD Anonymous

    I bet it was a school project


    stolen from dickcream.com. sup snacks.

    MD Anonymous

    It's good....this one guy I met at a con one year did quite a bit better. I forget exactly what he modeled it after, but he could transform from robot to car and back again. There's an article with the steps he had to go through floatin around somewhere on the net.

    MD Anonymous

    comment #30881
    Yeah, some guy designed a transforming Breakdown costume (Breakdown is a Decepticon, BTW) that went from robot to car and back. It looked really painful to transform, though.


    When Transformers met Metal Gear?