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strike witches 1991 and world witches series drawn by dakku (ogitsune)
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    ストライクウィッチーズ1991 その9

    我らが日本(扶桑)製支援戦闘機F-1。 扶桑国国防空軍築城基地航空隊・中東派遣軍「キャバルリー」小隊。手前:龍蔵寺 蕉子(りゅうぞうじ しょうこ)三等空尉。TACネーム「ドラゴン」、使い魔は鳶。奥:大友 沙夜華(おおとも さやか)三等空尉。TACネーム「レッドグラス」、使い魔はイタチ、愛称「さっちゃん」。F-1て意外と描くの難しいんだね、仕方ないね。


    Nice to see modern Japanese military equipment. ^^ It's interesting to see the witches uses SDF rank structure instead of the Imperial system.

    Seeing a Mitsubishi F-1, I'm wondering if Ogitsune will draw witch with striker units based on F-16s.


    Strike Witches 1991 #9

    The F-1 support fighter, made by my very own nation of Japan (Fusou). This is the Fusou Air National Defense Force's "Cavalry" squadron, a base support flying corps and Middle East expeditionary force. Front: Second Lieutenant Ryuuzouji Shouko. Her TAC name is "Dragon", and her familiar is the kite. Back: Second Lieutenant Oomoto Sayaka. Her TAC name is Red Grass, her familiar is the weasel, and her nickname is "Sacchan". It sure is harder than I expected to draw F-1s. Oh well.


    Iv'e flown the F-1 a couple of times, not the most incredible arcraft in the world, but when it comes to reliability and ground support its really a wonderful machine, its good, yes; ill trust my life to it, not really; ill stick with our F-5E's