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eva 01, kasumi, pikachu, and satoshi (neon genesis evangelion and etc)
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    Actually, I think this one is the re-color. If you look at the shading areas on the eva-chu, they seem dark purplish hues, something that a color tool commonly does. Also, this photo, while a higher res, is cropped closer into the eva-chu's jaw for some reason.

    devil hunter

    hopefully thats not team rockets invention, or else ash should be going "FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"


    The drop on Satoshi's head is from Pikachu p***ing himself.


    "I think you're going to need bigger balls if you wanna catch that."


    A dozen new games later, Pikacu's highest evolution.


    Ash: "..."

    Misty: "Gotta Catch'em all, eh?"

    Black Fox

    To be honest, this isn't a what.. It's just a fusion between Eva 01 and Pikachu.


    You think your being crafty and throw a Master Ball.

    Eva-Chu proceeds to rip out of it like it did a particular Angel, then eats you whole.


    nikou said:
    ...eats you whole.

    It's super effective