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hong meiling, inaba tewi, koakuma, reisen udongein inaba, and sebastian michaelis (kuroshitsuji and etc) drawn by mun
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    oh NO! SDM Has hired a new butler(and chef).

    Sebastian:....hmm.....rabbit stew....roasted rabbit....
    Oh! miss Gatekeeper, please don't enter the kitchen until dinner is ready.


    About time!


    Rabbit stew for tonight I guess.


    Can't tell me where that knife is placed ain't convenient.


    Not that unlikely of a crossover, Kuroshitsuji had a servant maid called Meirin or Mey-Rin, depending how you romanize it. Connect the dots.


    Unfortunately Tewi's overall good luck is directed in favor towards humans. Looks like some chef just lucked out in getting some "really" fresh ingredients for tonight's dinner. From the expression on Tewi's face I can't help, but wonder is she is wondering if her luck is finally turning against her.

    I'd call this karmic punishment if it weren't for the fact that Reisen is also involved.