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hakurei reimu (touhou) drawn by cosmic (crownclowncosmic)
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    Oh Reimu, you look kinda cool


    If this actually becomes reality, I'd buy the DVDs.

    Collector's Edition if there's a lot of Cirno, Chen, and/or China.


    Gah! said:
    Oh Reimu, you look kinda cool

    Mostly cool, cept the lazy eye...


    ReQ said:
    Mostly cool, cept the lazy eye...

    Ungh, cannot unsee. Now she looks really retarded ;_;

    Death Usagi

    they srsly need to make a real anime of Touhou.... x_x
    maybe a real anime of the silent sinner blue x.x

    user 60219

    Do they expect me to believe this!


    Fencedude said:
    Why is it not real ;_;

    Soul-Crushingly Depressing much, I'd say.

    That said, her eyes are really super off indeed.


    Hope DEEN is not behind of this...

    Still, until ZUN gets more soft with the licences, keep your MAIKAZE studios at your side


    A Mountain of Faith anime would be cool, but I would rather one based on Subterranean Animism.