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pikachu (pokemon) drawn by riku (me-in)
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    Guy 9854

    I don't think it applies because its a chibi and is meant to be funny looking.

    juunigatsu no usagi

    ^_^;; it looks normal sized.
    Since there isn't anything to compare it to.


    Wait? I find something cute? Dammit, I need to strike something now!


    It looks tasty, like a gummy bear...


    Pikachu MSN icon


    Maybe it's based over My Pokémon Ranch. Those didn't have hands if I remember correctly.


    DoctorVisigoth said:
    It looks tasty, like a gummy bear...

    They need to make this.

    Pokemon gummies.

    juunigatsu no usagi

    I'm pretty sure they still make them...I've seen a few years ago