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fujiwara no mokou, houraisan kaguya, kamishirasawa keine, and morichika rinnosuke (touhou) drawn by junda
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    Nanashi 1337

    (This message has been written by a medium possesed by the ghost of Nanashi, who died for not being prepared for this chapter)

    This is the last of them! Credit to Deranged for its hard work! Btw, I didnt realise before but the first was already done, but didnt see the translation. You can find it here.

    Hope you enjoy! (Nanashi left the medium's body)


    May Nanashi rest in peace. I'll forever be gratefull for him...

    user 109289

    r1c47 said:
    Did Keine just tell Rinnosuke that he can come inside!?, if you know what I mean.

    Seriously man, there's a time and a place for a sex joke and this wasn't it.


    Tea, obviously. This isn't Touhou if tea isn't somehow involved.

    Zaku Zelo

    karharoth said:
    Goddamnit, I knew I shouldn't check this picture out, curse my curiosity. I think I actually raged.

    ...you raged about a happy ending?

    user 267184

    Reading this again after reading pool #1776 made me feel not so heartbroken anymore.


    Mokou said:
    Hate... it doesn't last forever, you know.

    Oh the irony.