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2girls comic doujinshi greyscale hakurei_reimu highres hong_meiling miyamoto_ryuuichi monochrome multiple_girls onimiko scarlet_devil_mansion touhou translation_request
/\/\/\ 2girls anger_vein angry ascot bow box braid china_dress chinese_clothes closed_eyes comic detached_sleeves donation_box dress explosion gohei greyscale hair_bow hakurei_reimu hard_translated hat highres hong_meiling long_hair long_sleeves mary_janes miyamoto_ryuuichi monochrome multiple_girls new_year o_o scared scarlet_devil_mansion shoes star staring sweatdrop touhou translated twin_braids
hakurei reimu, hong meiling, and onimiko (touhou) drawn by miyamoto ryuuichi
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    user 15084

    Isn't that her donation box in panel 8?

    Neo X

    Ryouko said:
    Updated version of post #19156?

    Prof_Borgenine said:
    Isn't that her donation box in panel 8?

    Yes, and yes!