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sendai, suzuya, and zuikaku (kantai collection) drawn by sanpachishiki (gyokusai-jima)

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  • Zuikaku ✕ Suzuya ✕ Sendai book [New Publication Information]

    Info on the new Comiket 95 publication 12/30 (second day) "re"-30b Gyokusaijima

    "ZuiSuzuSen Go to a Love Hotel.", I'm planning on it being B5 format, 44 pages, and ¥600.

    Just as the title says, it's a gag book where the three of them go to a love hotel and end up having a threesome.

    I'm still figuring out the end of the gag book! lol

    Last time I drew "ZuiSuzu" with a delicate feeling of connection and it didn't go easily.

    I am making plans to put this in consignment at MelonBooks.


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