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2girls akemi_homura akuma_homura back-to-back black_hair closed_eyes dark_background dress feathered_wings feathers french gloves hands_clasped hands_together highres jurrig kaname_madoka mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_movie multiple_girls own_hands_together pink_hair solo_focus translated ultimate_madoka upper_body white_dress white_gloves wings
2girls akemi_homura akuma_homura back-to-back black_dress black_gloves black_hair bow dark_background dark_orb_(madoka_magica) dress feathered_wings french gloves glowing hair_bow hair_ribbon highres jurrig kaname_madoka long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_movie multiple_girls pink_hair revision ribbon solo_focus soul_gem translated ultimate_madoka wings
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akemi homura, akuma homura, kaname madoka, and ultimate madoka (mahou shoujo madoka magica and mahou shoujo madoka magica movie) drawn by jurrig
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