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1girl absurdres belt blue_eyes commentary_request cosplay eyepatch flower hair_flower hair_ornament highres iesupa ilia_amitola ise_mariya plamja-sama ponytail rwby seiyuu_connection sekai_seifuku:_bouryaku_no_zvezda shikabane_itsuka shikabane_itsuka_(cosplay) solo spots tan thighs
1girl blue_eyes broken_mask horns iesupa ilia_amitola ponytail rwby solo spots tan tears translation_request
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ilia amitola, ise mariya, plamja-sama, and shikabane itsuka (rwby and sekai seifuku: bouryaku no zvezda) drawn by iesupa

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  • 中の人ネタ、ご本人が解禁したので公開しますw

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