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1girl aurebesh blue_eyes bob_cut breasts brown_hair comic cover english expressionless gloves headwear_removed helmet helmet_removed highres hose looking_at_viewer md5_mismatch medium_breasts nosh pilot_suit rebel_alliance rebel_pilot science_fiction serious star_wars vest
2boys 2girls absurdres alien aurebesh bob_cut child cockpit comic commentary energy_cannon english expressionless family gial_ackbar gloves greyscale headwear_removed helmet helmet_removed highres hose md5_mismatch monochrome mother_and_daughter multiple_boys multiple_girls nien_numb nosh pilot_suit planet rebel_alliance rebel_pilot robot science_fiction serious space space_craft spacecraft_interior star_wars starfighter translation_request turret vest y-wing
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gial ackbar, nien numb, and rebel pilot (star wars) drawn by nosh

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  • Y-wing Pilot (Gray Squadron)


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