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artoria pendragon, fujimaru ritsuka, jeanne d'arc, jeanne d'arc, mash kyrielight, and others (fate/apocrypha, fate/grand order, and fate (series)) drawn by riyo (lyomsnpmp)

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  • 助けて! サポートキャラ!


    Help! Support Character!

    Olga: "Servants of your friends are most likely to appear on your Support list, so let's work hard on making friends. It is recommended to bring Servants outside of your friend list when attempting an easy quest, and then send them a friend request afterward."
    Gudako: "(Oh, a friend request from the Director... should I reject it?)"
    Olga: "Hey! Can't you listen when people are talking to you...?"

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    Pretty much how the game is for me. I got a friend/support who is a stupidly ridiculous powerful Berserker/Herc and I've pretty much been using him for nearly every part of the game to the point where I'm reliant on him. Hell, almost all my servants are practically useless and just there as meatshields while Berserker tear through everything.

    And if he dies, well, we're pretty much done for.


    Then when your OP friend support dies, or those rare turns when you don't get their cards..^^"

    I have a Herc lead myself, haha. Always scared to run with a zerker support in case both die..