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artoria pendragon, fujimaru ritsuka, olga marie animusphere, and saber (fate/grand order and fate (series)) drawn by riyo (lyomsnpmp)

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  • 友達と繋がろう!

    オルガ: 「ちなみにフレンドを増やしたかったら、各クエスト開始時の「サポート選択」で他のプレイヤーを選択するのよ。戦闘終了後にフレンド申請を行うことが出来るわ。あと、ユーザーIDを知っている相手なら直接フレンド登録もできるから、そちらも活用してみることね。」
    オルガ: 「え、そうなの…?」

    Connect with Friends!

    Olga: "By the way, you can add more friends by choosing another player at the Support selection screen when starting a quest. You can send a friend request after the battle has ended. Also, a more practical way of adding friends is by sharing user IDs with them directly."
    Mashu: "Looks like there are some Servants that can only be summoned through Friend Points."
    Olga: "Oh, is that so...?"

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    Unsure where the original translation came from, copied from a hard translated image