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2girls absurdres barefoot black_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_eyes brown_hair casual dress eye_contact feet hibike!_euphonium highres kousaka_reina legs long_hair looking_at_another maruki_nobuaki medium_breasts multiple_girls no_shoes nyantype official_art oumae_kumiko ribbon-trimmed_clothes ribbon_trim shirt side-by-side sitting smile t-shirt toes very_long_hair wavy_hair white_dress
2girls absurdres araragikoyomis barefoot blue_dress blue_eyes blue_hair blue_shorts brown_eyes brown_hair collarbone derivative_work dress eye_contact hibike!_euphonium highres kousaka_reina long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls oumae_kumiko shirt short_hair shorts simple_background sitting smile sundress white_background
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kousaka reina and oumae kumiko (hibike! euphonium and nyantype) drawn by maruki nobuaki
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