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ikari shinji and nadia (fushigi no umi no nadia, gainax, and neon genesis evangelion) drawn by sadamoto yoshiyuki
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    MD Anonymous

    remember, originally NGE was supposed to have a female protagonist.

    MD Anonymous

    So would Rei and Asuka have gender-shifted, or would all three pilots be female?

    MD Anonymous

    comment #53388
    no, all females i think.

    if i think better, i notice that all gainax protagonists are female >_>

    MD Anonymous

    Nadia is such the anti-shinji. Opposite gender, opposite skin-tone, opposite personality.


    Finished the translation at long long last.


    In looking through the "madia" pics (again), I did realize how similar the two looked.

    ... Shall we have NadiaxKaworu nao?


    It's like this with many anime chars in general tho.