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2girls bamboo blue_hair blush bow bunbunmaru covering_face embarrassed fujiwara_no_mokou grey_hair hair_bow hat kamishirasawa_keine long_hair meme multiple_girls red_eyes scarf shared_umbrella shuzi smile snow special_feeling_(meme) touhou translated umbrella yuri
:3 bamboo blush bunbunmaru covering_face ex-keine fujiwara_no_mokou horns kamishirasawa_keine leaf_umbrella meme no_humans open_mouth ribbon shuzi snow solid_circle_eyes special_feeling_(meme) sukusuku_hakutaku tail touhou translated v-shaped_eyebrows
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ex-keine, fujiwara no mokou, and kamishirasawa keine (touhou) drawn by shuzi
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    Best one so far?

    Updated by Allaire


    Okay, so the Sukusuku Hakutaku IS a Pokemon after all?


    Should we tag this for Aya being the interviewer Sukusuku?