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chen and yakumo ran (touhou) drawn by dora ita
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    user 377800

    I don't know what the second frame says, but I'm hoping its some kind of "gotcha" joke.


    I'm supposed to be seeing Chen sinking underwater (like the thumbnail) but instead I see an anxious monochrome Ran with lots of text above her head.


    Once my browser runs the animated PNG (for this and post #1272665), it won't show the first frame for more than a fraction of a second, if at all, when I reload.


    hit escape once the first frame loads


    Not a bad idea, but I need the first frame to be visible long enough to react. That works if it's been long enough for the PNG to have been pushed out of the cache, but if I try refreshing right after a page-load, the frame isn't visible long enough for me to catch it using the Escape key. Thanks anyway.

    Zaku Zelo

    Ran, stop panicking and get in the damn water!


    Could be a thumbnail joke. Automated resizers would only show the first frame, so the whole thing works better on Pixiv.


    How the heck do these things work... I'm missing out a lot of these!


    It does work a lot better on pixiv.
    first you see the normal sinking image, then when you click the picture to enlarge it quickly changes to a panicking Ran. Quite evoking when encountered that way... it made me go "oh god no" after I enlarged...