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alice margatroid, hijiri byakuren, kasodani kyouko, mystia lorelei, mystia lorelei, and others (touhou) drawn by mizuki hitoshi
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    Starbucks adventures with Kogasa-San!


    Double translated!

    Edit: But not anymore!


    what TN mean ?


    Ha, yes. The domesticated bird. But, yeah, that's one huge sparrow indeed. It's like Mystia having Letty's hitbox.

    Konata Sandwich

    Already?! I was waiting for the comic just to be posted on Pixiv, and its already translated here?


    thanghe said:
    what TN mean ?

    it's chin chin


    This is probably the one inside Prudential Center. Some house sparrows are constantly INSIDE the attached arcade. Apparently it's not just for shelter...


    I drew it a little too big in the comic, but it really was bigger than Japanese sparrows. Its patterning was a little different too, and the top of its head was grayish. It was really used to humans. Though it didn't let me pet it, of course! :-)

    Reader-added tags include "The well-known 'TNTN' in panel 3", "Give me Food! TNTN" (in English), "TNTN" (I think they liked that part), and "Foreign Mysty".

    The poll today is:

    I want to cuddle—cuddle!
    • Mysty
    • Ran-shama
    • Squeezy-squeezy on Momiji
    • Tousle-tousle Yukarin's hair
    • Hijirin's boobies


    Oops, translation wars. Which to keep?

    Darth Sirov

    That's IS a huge sparrow, and I know my sparrows.


    I like how the only one using English is the bird.


    I'm surprised it was just one instead of a few dozen :V

    lily white

    Anyone notice the coffee cup? I want to drink at Starbuddhist's!


    lily_white said:
    Anyone notice the coffee cup? I want to drink at Starbuddhist's!



    American Mystia's breasts are gigantic...


    That's a huge bird. There were a few of them out there, looking out for scraps. They must have con senses, so they can prey on the scraps of the masses. No wonder they were so big!


    Grey on the head...Confirms the house sparrow suspicion.


    @Genichiro: As I mentioned, the sparrows are a constant presence in the Prudential Hall arcade that lets out towards the Copley Hotel--that's the arcade with all the plants, after all. When there's no convention, they probably get scraps from the food court. I know I've seen them there on occasion.


    Does the sparrow appear in the videos?


    I can't be the only one that finds Shanghai adorable in this.


    Okay folks, today's events roughly cover the period of http://youtu.be/fyfApIvg56E, http://youtu.be/ILHRjGhCtPU, and http://youtu.be/NSNE1cQpViA. We actually ended up at the Starbucks on Newbury Street, because initially I thought "oh we'll find something on Boylston Street (street directly in front of convention center/hotel) then went "oh wait, I bet there will be lots of neat little local coffee shops open on Newbury Street" (kind of boutique-y street one street away), and made poor Reddyne run off repeatedly to go scout. NOPE.jpg. And thus we ended up at whatever we could find, which was the Starbucks.

    Anyway, sadly, I didn't have the camera running when the XBOXHUEG pigeon (or sparrow, I admit not being an ornithologist) came up and landed. It really was just kinda walking around completely unafraid of people walking by or anything. Clearly it knew what was up.


    Are these sparrows pretty fat?

    And if the camera had caught the sparrow, which video would it have appeared in, Part 2 or Part 3?


    Probably more like a theoretical part 4 or 5; the sparrow touched down after we'd eaten and were still discussing plans for what to do for the day.

    23rd Break

    I was wondering if you can tag Byakuren into the coffee cup...
    The overhead symbols and the green blob kinda silhouette her image.

    Edit: Whoops, nevermind, kinda saw it on the last minute. Either way though: Really, was the bird THAT big? Geez, even Californian sparrows aren't exactly up to par to it then. O-o;


    Moonspeaker said:
    Squeezy-squeezy on Momiji

    I love you.


    "Feed me Semore, feed me. FEED ME NOW!"