Series: Original - Little Nuns (Diva)

Series by Diva.

Update schedule history

Every day (except for one missed day) for the first year since July 23 2020 to July 23 2021.
Every day other than Sunday (except for one strip) from July 24 2021 to December 31 2022.
Every other day from January 2 to February 27 2023 (alternating with Zookeepers).
Every weekday since March 1 2023 with occasional days off (typically two per month) until further notice* (alternating with Zookeepers on weekends).

Uploaded at 12:00 EDT / 11:00 EST.

Additional notes
Athough the linked images go to danbooru, the dates refer to when Diva originally uploaded the image on twitter, not necessarily when they got uploaded here.
Occasionally, Little Nuns and Zookepers may swap schedules, if important events in Little Nuns (such as easter or anniversaries) fall on weekends.
July 2023 saw more days off since Diva's mom was visiting during this time (as Diva explained here.)

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