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Comment abuse report thread page 22 Soljashy Squishy
[REJECTED] Tag alias: pokemon_(game) -> pokemon_(games) Danielx21 Danielx21
[APPROVED] Tag Update Request [Senran Kagura] page 2 Rampardos DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: fate/extra_ccc_fox_tail -> fate/extra_ccc Unbreakable DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: liz_to_aoi_tori -> hibike!_euphonium EB DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag alias: hanyuu -> furuda_hanyuu Setsunator DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: puffy_nipples -> nipples keonas DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: unitard -> bodysuit nonamethanks DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: male_prostitution -> prostitution tapnek DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag alias: meryem -> meruem Wenli DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: frankenstein's_monster_(swimsuit_saber)_(fate) -> frankenstein's_monster_(fate) Tayan DanbooruBot
Should *color*_blazer be aliased to *color*_jacket? keonas DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: bridal_gauntlets -> gloves nonamethanks DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: pov_feeding -> feeding ckretaznman DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] [Unalias] on_top -> sex nonamethanks DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: white_border -> border AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag alias: majin_saber -> okita_souji_(alter)_(fate) PhoenixG DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: belchan_(azur_lane) -> belfast_(azur_lane) Unbreakable DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag alias: hair_pull -> hair_grab Setsunator DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag alias: spanked -> slap_mark Setsunator DanbooruBot
[bulk] Colored borders Benit149 DanbooruBot
;( implications skylightcrystal DanbooruBot
Tag Alias: cheek_rub -> cheek_press EB chinatsu
add alias to an artist tag kouriiko nonamethanks
[Feature Idea] Manage aliases/implications based upon usage BrokenEagle98 BrokenEagle98
Tag implication: racing_miku_(2018) -> racing_miku john1980 BrokenEagle98
[APPROVED] Tag implication: racing_miku_(2009) -> racing_miku john1980 john1980
Azur Lane - Class Reunion Pool? page 2 Chiakiiis kittey
Tag Vandalism page 3 r0d3n7z Unbreakable
Tag implication: pegging -> anal_object_insertion AngryZapdos Unbreakable
[Userscript] Translate Pixiv Tags page 2 evazion 7nik
[APPROVED] Tag alias: khakkhara -> shakujou Benit149 DanbooruBot
I fixed the broken flash_9 files norainu BrokenEagle98
A tag for translated posts that could benefit from HTML/CSS markup Bapabooiee BrokenEagle98
[REJECTED] Tag implication: boobplate -> breastplate Runty Runty
website slow in Opera 12.18 Bugbo Bugbo
english_commentary -> commentary implication causes issues when multiple languages are used Bapabooiee Bapabooiee
add aliases to an artist tag kouriiko kouriiko
[Request] Label Sorted "Saved Searches" Jigsy Jigsy
[fate] Unifying tagging standards AyaReiko nonamethanks