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Nuke: upper/lower teeth only rejected punished K DanbooruBot
Nuke sailor_swimsuit_(idolmaster) pending AkaringoP DanbooruBot
Cleaning up Ina's back (no, not like that) pending AngryZapdos AngryZapdos
Deprecate fingers pending AngryZapdos AngryZapdos
Nuke multiple_sources approved AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
Dragona Joestar's Gender tapnek Sessyoin Kiara
"Get Danbooru Gold" button doesn't work. page 21 Zeddovic tfwnocatgirlgf
One Piece implication game approved sidbarrett DanbooruBot
Feature request: sub-cosplay tag automatic implication magcolo blindVigil
nuke broken_rape_victim punished K DanbooruBot
nuke multiple_sources rejected magcolo DanbooruBot
Bag implications pending World Funeral World Funeral
[bulk] various coloured necktie implications pending user 441999 World Funeral
Deprecate shiny approved AngryZapdos nanashi3
lactating into things pending Aqros161 Aqros161
Pride month/LGBT pride alias pending KagayakuShiningGate DanbooruBot
Ace Attorney tags: JP -> ENG page 2 AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
Blackbeard and whitebeard tags (one piece) rejected Admiral Pectoral DanbooruBot
Qualify M202 FLASH (rocket launcher) pending World Funeral DanbooruBot
Nuke black_underwear pending AngryZapdos Unbreakable
deprecate case pending Pokeball99 BobTheBuilder v1
Alias Benelli M1014 to M4 pending scopeoutmyprostate scopeoutmyprostate
deprecate tapping pending Pokeball99 zetsubousensei
deprecate board pending Pokeball99 Pokeball99
Character charm tag pending baconmeh2 baconmeh2
Mecha Series Implications page 2 HeeroWingZero DanbooruBot
Orange_Juice characters tags need an overhaul pending tremolo measure BobTheBuilder v1
gekka_no_kenshi -> bakumatsu_rouman alias approved steelbaker DanbooruBot
Seele (Nyx) Implication approved BIOnie DanbooruBot
Aliases to clarify bull boy and minotaur tagging rejected Admiral Pectoral Admiral Pectoral
Alias request Master_Eraqus and Master_Xehanort -> Eraqus and Xehanort rejected togechu nonamethanks
Add qualifier to Merkava tank tag approved TrueKringe DanbooruBot
Time (tag) Dolmatov DanbooruBot
Corset Tag Implications approved klorpa DanbooruBot
Imply head_on_another's_shoulder -> head_rest rejected KagayakuShiningGate nonamethanks
Yuio Maid Dress implication wispydreamer DanbooruBot
Fixing masking_tape's name and giving it a utility alias in washi_tape approved Hankpropaniac57 DanbooruBot
Deprecate power approved World Funeral DanbooruBot
ASMR tag MiiaBestLamia nonamethanks
Holding implications page 2 pending World Funeral DanbooruBot
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