Commenting guidelines: talking to the image

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BCI_Temp said:

Is that really a bad thing if it promotes user interest and involvement (as long as all other comment guidelines are followed)?

Logical fallacy. If the comment guidelines covered this as well, it would fall under your "as long as all other comment guidelines are followed". The same thing could be said of the "no funny dialogues" bit, if that weren't in the guidelines.

Having "dialogues" with characters in the images isn't far removed from inventing dialogues for the characters themselves (which is in the guidelines). It irritates me much more, actually, in a "seriously declaring a character your waifu" kind of way. I'm really not taking it that seriously, but it's that kind of feel.

As for user involvement, just look to the meme chains that get purged from time to time (e.g. post #446270).

jxh2154 said:

While I am all for stopping spam and such in comments, I don't want to get too draconian on comments, so I don't know if there's an easy way to set a concrete rule for this.

Well, it was worth a shot. If anyone else can provide a resolution, great, but I won't press the issue.