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Topic: DanbooruUp, tag completion for Firefox, Chrome, Opera

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So... uh, when do we get Danbooru Up to be FireFox 5 compatible?

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  • henmere

    holocauxt said:
    So... uh, when do we get Danbooru Up to be FireFox 5 compatible?

    See forum #63662.

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  • Schrobby

    I use Danbooru [email protected] with modded version check. It worked just fine, but suddenly autocomplete was gone.

    I tried clearing and updating the tags, clearing the tag history, restarting the browser, nada. Any ideas?

    BTW, it takes ages until the update processing finally starts.

    Updated by Schrobby

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  • Schrobby

    I found the cause of the error, this might be interesting for others as well.

    The latest update of the AddOn Bookmark Duplicate Detector (1.0.5) kills off autocompletion. I disabled it and everything works just fine again.

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  • Kikimaru

    I can't download it (had to reinstall FF on this machine), any idea when it'll be back up?

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  • Fred1515

    I'm getting a 404 on the Opera extension link. Also, would it be possible to have the "Upload to Danbooru" option in Opera as well?

    Edit: It's not just the Opera extension, I'm getting a 404 on everything on the Trac website.

    Updated by Fred1515

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  • ShadowPhalanx

    I've been getting 404's ever since I first looked into this about a year and a half ago, I'd stop by after several months to see if anything has changed to no avail. I never really bothered since I could live just fine without it, but now that I've taken a notice to these recent posts, something needs to be done about those links. Not to mention if the new version is 0.3.8, then why leave the main DanbooruUp page with the notice of the latest version being 0.3.2?

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  • Kadoya

    I've been getting 404s as well (I had to reinstall FF for multiple reasons) so there another way to download 0.3.8?

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  • zatchii

    Sorry for the wait, 0.4.0 is now out for Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

    In this version I've set the Firefox max version to infinite, which at their current release schedule should last us at least until next Thursday.

    Other notable features include optional completion with tab, and search prefix completion. I'm not sure these work quite the way they should, so please give feedback.

    I've also enabled automatic updates, to make it easier to roll out new versions.

    I've added a rewriter for Pixiv sample/thumbnail URL. I wouldn't rely on it, and it doesn't handle manga pages, but it might avoid some accidental uploads.

    The SHA1/MD5 hash options were removed, as they haven't worked properly since FF 3.0.

    And lastly, I fixed a naming collision with the AddOn Bookmark Duplicate Detector extension.

    I had to rush the release a bit, so if something looks like a bug, it probably is. As always, give bug reports and feature requests here, and I'll do as best I can.

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  • Algasir

    I keep getting an "Access Denied" error when I try to upload with this now. I'm not sure if it was recent changes to Danbooru itself or changes to Firefox, but the auto-complete and everything else works just fine.

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  • Schrobby

    Algasir said:
    I keep getting an "Access Denied" error when I try to upload with this now.

    Did you log in before?

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  • jjj14

    How long should it generally take to update tags after clearing them? I was trying to update tags and it was taking forever, so I restarted Firefox and then when I clicked update tags it still was taking forever. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on. It's been "updating" for more than 20 minutes now.

    edit: Eventually I had to cancel the tag update process since it was seriously slowing down my browser. Now I have no tag autocomplete :(

    Updated by jjj14

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  • Algasir

    Schrobby said:
    Did you log in before?

    I could have sworn I checked this thread and no one had replied to it. Anyway, I never actually log OUT of Danbooru, but when I got the error I logged out and logged in and was still getting it so I don't know.

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  • jjj14

    Okay, I've left it updating tags for several hours now and it still didn't finish. Anybody have a clue what the problem might be?

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  • Kikimaru

    Certain tags don't show up in the drop-down list for this on Chrome.
    Ones I've noted for now include:
    1girl, 1boy & mutual yuri.

    Any ideas?

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  • Kikimaru

    S1eth said:
    So this isn't just my client's problem...?
    Do these work for you?

    On my notebook where I just installed the addon, all tags work (including 1girl). edit: clearing the tag database worked. (Firefox 9.0.1)

    Clearing & then updating the tags worked, thanks.

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  • titaniachkt

    Thanks for the update,zatchii

    Couple of quick questions,

    Does 0.4.0 work with Opera 11.61?

    The persistent storage seems a bit large (15Mb+),is this intentional?

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  • dean exia

    Got a problem here.

    After clearing tags, the update showed the following result:
    "Could not get tags. Status 0."
    Does the update not work after clearing tags or history?

    Running Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 m

    Updated by dean exia

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