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Could we possibly add the webpage or tool that matches a locally saved image to the exact page on Danbooru?

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  • Aristocrat

    Would it be a good idea to add various important wiki pages to this sticky (howto:upload, howto:pixiv, etc.)?

    I made a whole bunch of mistakes with my first few uploads because I wasn't aware that howto:pixiv even existed (since it isn't linked to from anywhere prominent, including the beginner's guide), and I would like for other new users to be able to find that page in the sticky and hopefully not err in the same fashion as I have.

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  • Log

    Added the scripts thread.

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  • evazion

    Thanks. I've just now started following the forums again after a three year absence so I'm sure a lot of it is outdated by now.

    If anyone else has suggestions, please feel free to post them so this thread can be brought up to date.

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  • evazion

    Updated the OP to add a couple new threads and remove a few outdated ones. See the changelog in the OP.

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