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Topic: Artist tagging help

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Zansnae793 said:


Artist's feed is motoi_00590265.

Is using the feed sufficient? The name is rather clunky, should I write it as motoi_(00590265)?

Sure, write it as motoi_(00590265) like you said... the most important thing is that it's unique.

Kikimaru said:

ke xue & xiaoxiaoxiaomo are the same artist; which to keep?

Xiaoxiaoxiaomo... it's in his BCY name as well.

小小小丶默 ~> Xiaoxiaoxiaomo

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  • firechikara

    Nitrogen09 said:

    Twitter account of artist #139508. Not really sure about her name 佳乃, but Yoshino is my best guess.

    Oh, we already have an artist tag. Thanks for that, I've been uploading a few without knowing it.

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  • qamaz

    Hello, guys. Can someone please delete this artist entry https://danbooru.donmai.us/artists/156560. Didn't read rules properly and created artist with hiragana in Artist name field.

    What should I do now: create new artist entry with right name thus leaving both entries (wrong (old) and right (new)) or wait till somebody deletes wrong entry and then create new? Thanks

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  • Slysheen

    Romanization check,


    suggests Shieni but just want to make sure.

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  • user 525419

    Slysheen said:

    Romanization check,


    suggests Shieni but just want to make sure.

    Is there a pixiv link, too?

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  • Levander

    I believe it should be "Sheni". Note the small ぇ. Shieni would be しえに with a full-size one.

    Updated by Levander

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