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Topic: danbooru improvement ?

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I would like to know if it would be possible to add some api features for improvement : a tag search based on a MD5.

why ? think of other danbooru installed elsewhere, it would be possible that after an upload on a danbooru site X to ask with a MD5 hash an other danboory site Y, and suggest tags for the X uploader, because the pictures is already on Y and well tagged.

What do you think of this idea ?

Thanks anyway for your awesome script.

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  • albert

    You already can.

    You can search for an MD5 hash by using the md5: prefix. So you would generate a query string like: /post/index.js?tags=md5%3Aafafafa343589afafafaf. This will give you the tags for that post.

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  • iXô

    Cool, now with the low level account, I can respond unanonymously.

    So basically it was a shame I didn't see this possibility.

    What do you think about the possibility off adding the 'find remote related' link in the edit section of a post ?

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  • albert

    What do you mean? The edit section already has a Find Related link.

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  • iXô

    yes I know and it is really great.

    but my request is this (sorry for bad english) : an other 'find related link' but, I work like this :

    This danbooru on the web site X have a picture, someone clic the new 'find remote reladted', and with the api the X danbooru core ask a list of other danbooru installed on web site Y,Z,T,... tag that can have the same picture.


    X -> md5 -> Y,Z,T
    Y,Z,T -> md5 -> tags -> X

    Like that, the X site don't have to guess the tags if Y already have the good tags for the same picture.

    It will make a 'cluster' of well formed tag.

    I hope that I have succeed on explaining what I think could be a nice feature.

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    Well I need a list of other sites that allow query by md5 first. Ones that return some sort of standardized response.

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  • iXô

    hum, that is why I was asking you if it was possible in the danbooru api.

    my idea was to connect every web site that run danbooru.

    example : my web site running danbooru 1.7.0 (I have to update it) could ask your danbooru web site.

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  • iXô

    ok, so I have coded in the last version of danbooru this feature.

    Albert, sorry if you received many mails about errors, I may came from me testing this feature, and I saw that a mail is send every time an error is catched.

    If you want to know how I have added the feature, I can send you the few source files modified.

    thanks anyway, your script is marvelous, and I was searching for something like that a long time ago (I was planning to add a plugin to gallery2 before finding danbooru).

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  • albert

    You can submit patches to Trac.

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