Tag swap: hiimdaisy to peachi

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The artist known to many as hiimdaisy actually goes by the handle "peachi" or "peachifruit" in most places. "hiimdaisy" is merely the name of her comic journal.

If not an outright swap, then if nothing else, "peachi" should be a redirect.

Updated by Cyberia-Mix

Just out of curiosity, has there ever been a time when Danbooru swapped two tags? I imagine this would require replacing one tag with a placeholder, nuking it, replacing the second tag with the first, then replacing the placeholder with the second, and finally cut-and-pasting the wiki entries. Is there even a tool that can easily do this?

I don't think we've ever ran into a situation where such a swap would be needed. It's always either an alias or mass edit situation where one tag ends up unused, or an implication situation, where both tags are kept, but no swapping needs to take place.

Swapping two tags would probably be a bad idea anyway, since users are likely to not realize the change and continue to use the tags as the had been used previously, which would lead to an inconsistent mix of usages.