arm_holding versus arm_grab

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What's the difference?

Currently, arm grab seems to often (but not always) be used when the arms are being forcefully restrained. An alternate distinction could be that arm holding refers to only one arm being held by only one hand.

I'd like to write some wiki entries when a consensus is reached, alternately they could be aliased if people feel there really is no difference.

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Seconding the suggestions above. arm holding for the more playful variety (post #267107, post #517811) and arm grab for the more forceful, restraining variety (post #440181, post #522258).

Note that arm hold wouldn't necessarily involve hugging the arm and arm grab wouldn't necessarily involve the act of sex.

Another question is whether there should be a tag for a character holding their own arm (post #475). And perhaps there's an issue with locked arms as well. Should it imply arm holding?