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Topic: Mods Choice

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I'm just thinking out loud here, but I'd like to see a "Moderators Choice" tag being implemented. A tag thats a kind of quality must see tag that only the mods have access to. I know there is a voting system, but thats the people talking. I guess over-voted porn wont be happening in this version of danbooru as often as i saw it in the old one though.

Never the less, it would also be good for newcomers to have a starting point and also mods and old members of danbooru would get a "wow" experience seeing really good images they have missed or just browsed over.

Still.. Just thinking out loud.

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  • jxh2154

    It's probably just too subjective. I mean, there's the "vip_quality" tag already but it's applied pretty randomly if you ask me. I wouldn't even know where to begin to apply such a tag. Some of the stuff I think is amazing is mediocre or even bad to someone else.

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  • suwayya

    "Some of the stuff I think is amazing is mediocre or even bad to someone else." This is a fact for everyone. We all have different tastes. Still it was only a thought. I am aware of the vip tag, but its open for anyone to apply.

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  • phane

    The vip_quality tag started as a joke between me and dr_fine_rolo. Most of the stuff in there was added by me or him. I admit it's not a very useful tag for anyone else.

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  • albert

    I think you're better off following the favorites of certain users.

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