Sonic boom deprecation/alias

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The bulk update request #19731 is pending approval.

deprecate sonic_boom
create alias sonic_boom_(game) -> sonic_boom_(series)

Since sonic_boom is ambiguous between the sound generated by supersonic flight and the Sonic the Hedgehog thing, it should be deprecated.

On a related note, sonic_boom_(game) is too restrictive, as there's not one but four Sonic Boom games (not to mention the TV series and the comics). Even the wiki seems to agree that sonic_boom_(series) is a more accurate tag name.

I'm fairly doubtful that supersonic and super_sonic would be confused for each other; "supersonic" has always been just one word, while "Super Sonic" has always been two. But if that's really a point of contention, then supersonic_speed should suffice. I considered supersonic_flight, but I can easily imagine Sonic or some other speedy character breaking the sound barrier while running rather than flying. Again, however, I think supersonic is already enough.