Scott Pilgrim name alias

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The bulk update request #19734 is pending approval.

rename scott_pilgrim -> scott_pilgrim_(series)
create alias scott_w_pilgrim -> scott_pilgrim

Counter BUR, I think it makes more sense to qualify the series than the character. As a side note, there's a bunch of other Scott Pilgrim characters with middle initials in their chartags that'll have to be changed too, I'll put in a separate BUR for those later.

The bulk update request #19741 is pending approval.

create alias ramona_v_flowers -> ramona_flowers
create alias natalie_v_adams -> envy_adams

The follow-up BUR. No one ever includes Ramona's middle initial. As for Natalie, Envy is her in-universe stage name and what she's referred to 95% of the time in the comic. Most fans know her by this name, in fact if you look up the cast for the movie version she's even listed as Envy and not Natalie for the credits. iirc her real name isn't even revealed until a while after her introduction either.