Unimply peeing_self -> peeing.

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The bulk update request #19635 is pending approval.

remove implication peeing_self -> peeing

Really, this implication pisses me off.
I don't think there is a good enough reason for peeing self to signify an ongoing urination action. Whoever searches for this tag is actually interested in the visible immediate results, such as the appearance of flowing urine along the legs, drenched or stained clothes, or embarrassed facial expressions, but not the process itself.
Instead, the implication either puts peeing on posts where the urination had already stopped, or, worse, makes some good "peeing self aftermath" posts undertagged and unsearchable - as tagging them with peeing_self would technically be wrong.
To add, I think the tag also deserves a rename, but can't think of a better name myself.

AngryZapdos said:

Just fyi, we have peed self.

Good, but I still believe that our primary (1000+ posts) piss tags (pee, peeing, have_to_pee, peeing_self/peed_self) should be distinct and independent of each other. Just like peeing can happen without the pee itself visible, peeing_self/peed_self should cover both ongoing and completed processes. As a compromise, implication from peeing self to peed self (or something similar) could probably work, although I do have some reservations about it.

If this topic comes to any result, I am willing to go through peeing_self and clean it up from occurrences where peeing is not present or ambiguous.


I think the implication could also be, was it 'on purpose' or 'on accident'. Personally i like the 'purposeful' side... though im not particularly picky. So i "peeing self" as more of the 'purposeful' side, but even then, putting 'accidentally' at the end would help. 2 cents added.

sabisabi said:

I'm no urine connoisseur. Can you provide some examples of posts of people pissing themselves without pee?

I believe you are missing the fact that pee and peeing are two separate tags, not aliased to or implying each other.

Let me educate you on pee:

First, pee can be shown by itself (in container, for example: post #6233885, post #6252667) or as the puddle produced by peeing (when the process itself has already concluded: post #6628197, post #6677564).
Second, peeing can be depicted without pee visible: either covered (post #4398116) or hinted with sound effects (like チョロロロロ or similar - post #4813436) or visual euphemisms (like broken urine meter - post #6050794, post #5514713).
Lastly - the point of my thread - the results of peeing self can be shown without peeing - either as a result of a recently finished process (post #6677564), process finished long before (post #6692863), or just when it is ambiguous whether the person is still peeing or not (post #6582312).

It is clear that there is a common practice, people mostly use one tag and do not know about more precise ones. But the available tags are sufficient to describe everything.
Peeing_self describe an ongoing process, so the implication is valid.
There is no need to change correct implications because of incorrect practice.

You should use implied_peeing

You should use peed_self