Bare pectorals and breasts out utility aliases

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The bulk update request #18775 has been rejected.

create alias bare_chest_(pectorals) -> bare_pectorals

Bare chest was a really ambiguous tag that I personally renamed, but looking back at Evazion's comment forum #175997, maybe I should have really not outright renamed it but used it as an alias as it's a much less awkward name than bare pectorals (which seems to either be misused or not used enough these days). So I'm hoping that these aliases help with findability and what it should be used for.

Older topic: forum #197044

The bulk update request #18776 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias pectorals_out_of_clothes -> bare_pectorals

Another utility alias similar to the breasts out of clothes one for breasts out.

Making this a different BUR because I think there's an argument for flipping this alias up. I know it's the much dreaded "long awkward name" kinda thing but isn't it a lot clearer than just bare pectorals? (All google shows me when looking that up is topless males).