some sanrio implications

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create implication hello_kitty -> sanrio
create implication hello_kitty_to_issho! -> hello_kitty
create implication kero_kero_keroppi -> sanrio
create implication little_twin_stars -> sanrio
create implication onegai_my_melody -> sanrio
create implication onegai_my_melody_kirara -> onegai_my_melody
create implication sanrio_danshi -> sanrio

some characters like hello kitty get their own series, some like gudetama dont

ive also just generally noticed sanrio as a brand being pushed over the individual copyrights, at least in case of the mascots

i've left out the more human-centered copyrights (Jewelpet Rilu_Rilu_Fairilu Mewkledreamy Show_By_Rock!! Maimaimaigoen) , since i dont know how much they overlap with the "main" sanrio line

evazion said:

Do these Sanrio brands have anything in common besides a similar aesthetic? This feels like implying every Nintendo game to Nintendo, even when they have nothing else in common.

main difference here is the inconsistency, where nintendo characters all get their own copyrights so theres no need for a greater nintendo implication, but most of sanrios characters dont belong to any subseries and it seems arbitrary which ones. i see way more pompompurin and cinnamoroll fans than keroppi fans, but keroppi got a show in the 80s so we use that for the copyright while the others just get sanrio

also worth noting that the characters from one show appear in the others all the time
https://hellokitty.fandom.com/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Hello_Kitty_%26_Friends hello kitty show, featuring keroppi and my melody
https://hellokitty.fandom.com/wiki/Onegai_My_Melody#Trivia my melody show, cameos hello kitty

gudetama got a show last year https://www.netflix.com/title/81090127 but no one bothered creating a new tag for it because gudetama is a "sanrio" character first and a Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure character second

after visting several anime conventions and toy stores over the past few weeks, i can say for sure that every sub-brand except for hello kitty doesn't exist and have all been merged into one of two "copyrights": Sanrio Characters or Hello Kitty and Friends with the HK&F being pretty much exclusively marketed to children under the age of 6 according to the choking hazard labels