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BUR #17115 has been rejected.

create alias teardrop_facial_mark -> teardrop_tattoo

two tags with near 100% overlapping usage (many of which are double-tags on HK416 posts) that just pad each other. alias in this direction because I think "tattoo" is the more intuitive term and a better main name, but they can be flipped if someone wants. can also alias them to teardrop facial tattoo for keeping the "facial" distinction, but I struggle to find any post in there that isn't a facial tattoo.

BUR #17268 has been rejected.

create alias facial_tattoo -> facial_mark

facial tattoo and facial mark are two tags that are sometimes canon-tagged, frequently interchanged, and always confusing. take Yuuka (Track) (or any other Halo Festival girl) for example. canonically we know that she wears a sticker, not a tattoo because it comes off after the festival, but that doesn't stop 56 posts from making their way into yuuka_(track)_(blue_archive) facial_tattoo; the same is true of yuuka_(track)_(blue_archive) facial_mark. not that I blame these taggers, because needing enough detail to decide between sticker or tattoo/marking puts you entirely at the artist's mercy. I couldn't be confident in what post #5804389 is without any background knowledge if you put a gun to my head.

moving away from Blue Archive, there is post #6338042. how do you know that these markings are indeed a permanent tattoo and not birthmarks, face paint, or other non-permanent facial marking? even in the case of post #6310180 where this is probably a tattoo, Miku could turn around and wash it right off. for facial features, trying to hold this line seems like a crap shoot.

sticker on face I will leave alone because its sticker-ness can be pretty clear when there's a white/black sticker outline, and if there isn't it should be tagged facial mark anyways.