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Topic: Lyrical != Lyirical

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I've noticed this as a common typo for Nanoha images, even ones that are already uploaded and tagged right by someone else. Mug-G, you just did it for two Narutaki Shin images, but I think someone else made the mistake a number of times before.

Who it was doesn't really matter to me, and when I see it i fix it, but I just wanted to post this as a heads up, because I think someone might have "mahou_shoujo_lyirical_nanoha" (as opposed to "_lyrical_") saved as a favorite tag or something, or might have it showing up in their danbooruup tag history, etc. And so it can be easily corrected.

At any rate, just something small I noticed, thanks.

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    Go ahead and create an alias.

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    Yeah, probably a good idea - submitted. I'm not sure if me being a mod means that mine go through immediately or if you still need to okay them - if the latter, they're ready for you to accept them.

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