'damaged' vs 'broken' tags

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BUR #14057 has been rejected.

create alias broken -> damaged

These two tags have very similar descriptions and are used interchangeably. It seems that 'broken' is supposed to be a more extreme version of 'damaged', but that is not immediately apparent from the name. There is also a significant overlap with torn clothes, which neither tag is supposed to be used for. There was a forum post about this over 13 years ago, but in my opinion, the tags are still in a sorry state.

Unbreakable said:
I'd prefer to keep these tags separated because they describe different states but I know that with our taggers that will never work out because people don't care, sadly.

Please keep those tags separate. As what the wiki says, damaged is for items which are not good in condition, worn, cracked, dented or whatever but still functional (like when the durability bar is not full in Minecraft).