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Topic: Pool Creation - Fire Emblem: Heroes Voting Gauntlet

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Much like the Splatfest cheering pool, as FEH gains more and more popularity, it gains more and more artists creating images revolving around the voting gauntlets. There's a decent amount currently floating around, but more will come with every new event.

Thus, a pool of these images seems natural. My immediate idea is to include images like images showing the match-ups squaring off (post #2888854), personifying the results in-character (post #2891761), or those shows the round-to-round events (post #2685853, as well as all of the works by that artist). But those three criteria may be too broad for one pool, I'm completely sure myself. Is the pool idea good on its own, should it be more tightly focused, or should more than one pool be made for the sake of granularity?

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  • Hillside Moose

    Should be one pool, otherwise people will get confused and start putting everything in every pool.

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