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Topic: Make tags invisible?

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Hi, is it possible (through some CSS magic for example) to make certain tags invisible?
(I hate to be judged for liking heavy breasts and some like to tag sagging to bigger breasts although they're full but I don't wanna judge ...)

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  • kittey

    I’m not sure what you mean with “making tags invisible”, but if you want to hide posts with certain tags, you can add the tags to your blacklist in your user settings. Make sure to put each blacklisted tag on its own line.

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  • fossilnix

    If you want to hide the sidebar that shows all the tags, add

    #tag-list, #tag-box { display: none }

    to your Custom CSS style in the Advanced Settings of your profile. This hides it on the post page AND search page. Delete the , #tag-box part if you still want to see the tag list on the search page.

    EDIT: Oh, you only want to hide "certain" tags, not the whole list? Hang on

    EDIT2: You can hide the name of a tag on the post page with

    #tag-list ul li a[href$='sagging_breasts'] { display: none; }

    but the tag count number will still be there, I can't find a way to hide it (because apparently CSS doesn't let you select parent elements by their children)

    Updated by fossilnix

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  • titswifter

    Nice, fossilnix! (Gaulish or Unix?)
    At least I don't have to read it anymore. Thanks you!

    (... I can't believe some people tagging sagging_breasts and hanging_breasts together ... so much hate for "nature" ... Are negative tags even allowed?)

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  • BrokenEagle98

    If you wanted to fully hide all instances of a tag anywhere, I did develop a userscript a while back (topic #14221) that'll do that. The one caveat is that all tags in the list will function just like your blacklist, therefore it will hide posts as well. So maybe not exactly what you're looking for...

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  • titswifter

    Is it possible to hide all tags but the ones that are important for me?
    I tried with asterisks but I failed.

    Thanks, guys and girls and everything between and above!

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    EDIT: Okay, making all tags invisible can be done with
    #tag-list ul li a { display: none; }

    But making specific tags visible again I haven't found out till now.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    EDIT: No, I have to use the method to only make specific tags invisible. Or else I'll lose the artist too.
    Thanks, anyway.

    Updated by titswifter

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  • fossilnix

    You could try

    .category-0 a{ display: none; }
    .category-0 a[href$='1girl'] { display: inline; }
    .category-0 .post-count { display: none; }

    And make a new '1girl' line for each tag you want to show, replacing '1girl' with the name of the tag. This doesn't hide copyright, character, or artist tags. Line 3 hides the counts for all general tags, because I couldn't find a way to only hide the counts of hidden tags.

    Please note that although you can hide parts of the tag list, you will still be expected to fully tag your posts (including "unimportant" tags) if you ever decide to make another upload.

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  • hazknight

    a way to only hide the counts of hidden tags.

    .category-0 a[href$='1girl'], .category-0 a[href$='1girl'] + span { display: none; }

    Hides both the tag and the post count.

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  • fossilnix

    Thank you! That means to hide all the tags and post counts except that one, the CSS would be

    .category-0 a, .category-0 a + span { display: none; }
    .category-0 a[href$='1girl'], .category-0 a[href$='1girl'] + span { display: inline; }
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