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Topic: [REJECTED] Playing Cards Tags

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Currently the playing card wiki links to heart, spade, clubs, and diamond (shape) to be used for the four different card suits but since we also have the tags hearts (playing card), spades (playing card), clubs (playing card) and diamonds (playing card) it feels like it would be better to make these the primary tags for the sake of consistency and to avoid lumping them together with everything else, since clubs and spade are ambiguous tags and heart and diamond (shape) covers so much else.

If we go this way the first two can be aliased over but the last two will need some manual sorting through.

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  • kiyah123

    Presently none of the *_(playing card) tags have wikis; when should they actually be tagged? Only when there is physically a playing card somewhere in the image or could it be broadened to when the symbols are drawn elsewhere e.g. printed on clothing? Aliasing the clubs and spade tags to the playing card tags would imply the latter since they are tagged whenever the symbol is in the image. If that were to be the case then e.g. hearts (playing card) would be used practically the same way as heart. If we restricted the tags to only playing cards then should e.g. hearts (playing card) imply heart?

    Also club_(shape) (or symbol) and spade_(shape) could be created to remove ambiguity.

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  • Unbreakable

    Honestly, I'm fine with going either way but I thought that maybe it could be useful to have separate tags for them, if we go the other way it's a simple matter of aliasing the *_(playing card) tags to the ones already in use. Those tags were probably created because people didn't check the wiki/knew about the existing ones (heart tag isn't really obvious since its use is so broad) and created new ones for use.

    Regardless, I'd like to get input from a few more users before taking any action.

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  • BrokenEagle98

    My vote's for playing card + shape....

    +1 to tag rename all around to improve consistency and remove ambiguity... Also, *_(symbol) can't be used because of diamond (symbol.

    The following is my two red cents...

    alias hearts_(playing_card) -> heart
    alias clubs_(playing_card) -> club_(shape)
    alias spades_(playing_card) -> spade_(shape)
    alias diamond_(playing_card) -> diamond_(shape)
    update clubs -> club_(shape)
    update spade -> spade_(shape)

    Then update clubs and spade so that they are ambiguous wiki entries.

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    create alias hearts_(playing_card) -> heart
    create alias clubs_(playing_card) -> club_(shape)
    create alias spades_(playing_card) -> spade_(shape)
    create alias diamonds_(playing_card) -> diamond_(shape)
    mass update clubs -> club_(shape)
    mass update spade -> spade_(shape)

    Link to request

    Since there was no other discussion about the subject I'm gonna submit this Bulk Request and see what happens next.

    The bulk update request #1257 has been rejected.

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    Gone ahead and replaced the *_(playing_card) tags with their shape tags and did the last two parts of the above request after cleaning up the spade tag. I doubt that the *_(playing_card) tags would be used again since they're pretty specific tags along with the fact that they weren't used much previously, so would the aliases be truly of benefit?

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  • BrokenEagle98

    Well, only in the fact that it will show up in autocomplete, keying users in on the correct tag. Although, given the low amount of name collisions with those tags, it doesn't really seem like a problem.

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  • Unbreakable

    At least something happened to the tags in this thread, that's good enough for me. I'll wait for an admin to decide if the aliases are still worth doing or not.

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  • Hillside Moose

    Well, nothing's happened in the intervening three months since kiyah123's moved the tags, so I guess I'll cancel the bulk update request as to not clog up the database.

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