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Topic: Various implications

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create implication yellow_leotard -> leotard
create implication gymnast_leotard -> leotard
create implication orange_leotard -> leotard
create implication grey_leotard -> leotard
create alias gray_leotard -> grey_leotard
create implication sheer_leotard -> leotard
create implication brown_leotard -> leotard
create implication pink_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication blue_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication red_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication green_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication orange_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication white_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication purple_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication black_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication yellow_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication grey_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create alias gray_sailor_collar -> grey_sailor_collar
create implication brown_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar
create implication pink_vest -> vest
create alias gray_vest -> grey_vest
create implication brown_vest -> vest
create implication yellow_vest -> vest

Link to request

I was unsure about doing an anchor choker -> choker implication since from the posts I've glanced at, they all don't look to be chokers.

EDIT: The bulk update request #1240 (forum #134054) has been approved by @NWF_Renim.

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    Did I? Shucks, I need to remove those then from this request. It's been so long since I've seen any of my BURs get modded that I forget these things. I've been concerned about that lately.

    EDIT: And done. The chokers have been removed from this request,

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  • nonamethanks

    @NWF_Renim since the clause for sailor collars was dropped from serafuku, could you approve this? The color tags otherwise are in constant need of gardening, because people always assume they're already implicating the general tag.

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  • ion288

    G-SANtos said:

    remove alias gray_sailor_collar -> sailor_collar

    Link to request

    After that (because the form isn't letting me request it now),

    create alias gray_sailor_collar -> grey_sailor_collar

    Makes more sense.

    Gray is the american english spelling, so why does Danboour use grey?

    Other than that yes. +1

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