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Could "fake cover" be made to include those from movies?

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  • Alanis the Evoker

    Just FYI, @DGKelly, this question would be better suited for topic #12251 ("How do I tag this?"), but as long as we're here....

    Are there any particular posts you can think of with fake movie covers?

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  • BrokenEagle98

    Actually, starting a new thread is alright, especially given the question. topic #12251 is for quick questions and answers to the community on how to tag something. Anything that requires more than a simple answer can potentially derail the thread, and I've moved several discussions myself out of that thread for this very reason.

    To answer DGKelly's question, I don't see any reason why not to include movie posters. The wiki seems pretty limited in scope, when it shouldn't be. I'll go ahead and modify it a bit to be more generalized.

    Just make sure though that the posts in question also have the movie poster tag along with parody if it happens to be parodying a particular movie poster.

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