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Topic: rename to: butterfly_fairy_(touhou_16)>etarnity_larva

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In fairness, as Tsumanne noted, the katakana at least matches a known English word; in contrast, stuff like フランドール (Flandre) and マエリベリー (Maribel) are gibberish from a translation point of view.

(On a side note, I did just learn there's a character in Dragon Quest VII named Maribel who uses マリベル for the name, so maybe the latter of the above two should have been closer to "Maryberry" after all, though ZUN was directly asked about the romanization and basically said "hell if I know". I don't think he really cares.)

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  • Claverhouse

    Dunno, Maribel is a definite girl's name, both in Spanish and Hebrew ( means Bitter in the last apparently ).

    And I wouldn't look twice at it for an English village girl up to the 19th century: just think it was a contraction for, say, Maria Bella. Still more for Scots' girls.

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  • Anonymaster

    So the full game is out, and ZUN fixed her name to be Eternity Larva. Can we get around to fixing the tag now?

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